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Eph 6:11, Heb 4:12

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24 September
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I am...me a Christian. =p Some know me as: crazy4Jesus! (from the purity forums [used to be known as the puritygirls forums]), others by CD, some call me Danger, some call me Betsy. I don't always respond to my real name. xP

I started a group for the members of the purity forums.
It's not very active because I have yet to find members from the said forum, who are active (or even HAVE one) on LJ.

So if I have added you as a friend, that means that I think I know you from the purity forums (at one point or another).
Or you are one of my real life friends. =p

I'm not that great about doing these bio things, so the best way to get to know me is to talk with me.
I only bite if you're mean.

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